Character Make-Up

Mr. Chicken

Mask/Make-up I made at Atelier FX Bubbles.

products uses: gelatine, aquacolor, feathers, liquid latex, ..

Make-up: Minnie Daels

Model: Boris Theunissen

Spike Creepbeard

For this make-up (in production for Syntra Brussel) I transformed a young girl into a creepy (older) man.   

Productes: Liquid latex/Soft putty/Wolcrepe/Kryolan SUPRA color palet/Contact lens 

Make-up: Minnie Daels
Model: Ulrike Geens 

Lana Aquata 

Seacreature nr. 2

Products: Soft Putty /Kryolan SUPRA color palet / Glycerine

Make-up: Minnie Daels
Model: Ulrike Geens 


Seacreture nr. 1 

I made this seacreture one year before I made 'Lana Aquata'. 

Products: Liquid latex/Kryolan SUPRA color palet 

Make-up: Minnie Daels
Model: Ulrike Geens 

Miss Pinocchio

Pinocchio inspired make-up with a selfmade nose from soft putty.

Products: Soft putty/ Kryolan SUPRA Color Palet 

Make-Up: Minnie Daels 
Model: Minnie Daels

Mary Ruth Smith

1920's Lady

Make-Up: Minnie Daels

Model: Ulrike Geens 

This is a man's world

Changing myself into a man, using and creating beards out of wolcrep.


Face Paint 

A bit of everything 

Beauty/Normal day&night make-up/Old stuff/techniques/1960-70-80-90/...



videoclip 2020

Videoclip for Magda Magdalena.

Head of SFX Depatement & Head of Make-up Departement

Het Konijn

Short movie (2019) about some mysterious murders and a rabbit.

Movie by Jan Baeyens 
Make-Up and SFX: Minnie Daels

Harley Wheelchair 

'Harley Wheelchair' (2018 shortfilm, 12min)

 Written and directed by Niels Sabbe
 Key Make-up/Hair: Minnie Daels
actors: Wim Willaert
             Danièla Degraux 

Harley, a paralyzed motorbiker contemplates society in his electric cart. When all hope seems lost he rediscovers lust for life at the beach.

Belgiums Got talent 2018-2019

Make-Up assistant for BGT 2018 and 2019

Jack Brussels 

short movie about an explorer unravelling mysteries. 2018

director: Niels Sabbe
actors: Niels Sabbe
             Ineke Nijssen
Make-Up / Hair / Costumes: Minnie Daels


Performance festival Leuven 2016


The show is a post mortem investigation of the victim on his own assassination. In this dark and grotesque stand-up comedy Alex Cecchetti is accompanied in the investigations by two singers, a countertenor or contralto and a glass harp. The sound track of this collective incantation contain classical baroque music, medieval music and gospel.


8 days of MakeUpMinnie

This was my first job in a  (long) fiction film as head of make-up departement.

Director: Mathieu Stevens
Writers : Mathieu Stevens/Constant Van Grembergen/Maaike Van de Vijver
Cast: Joren Seldeslachts / Robrecht Vanden Thoren / Charlotte Anne Bongaerts / Leslie de Gruyter / Kristine Van Pellicom  / Marilou Mermans / Mark Stroobants/...
Make-up: Minnie Daels 

Indies Keeping Secrets #8 

IKS organizes secret concerts in Brussels. The artists changes and so do the locations. This was my first job as an make-up artist on a movie set. 

Director: Stijn de Ryck 
Video & photo: Jonas Balmer

Make-up & hair: Minnie Daels

Old ladies: Emma Verbeeck & Sofie Hoflack

Indies Keeping Secrets #10

Context:  the 10e Indies Keeping Secrets concert. Normal night make-up.

DIrector: Stijn De Ryck 
Video & Photo: Jonas Balmer
Make-up & Model: Minnie Daels